Frequently Asked Questions


How does redditraffler work?

Redditraffler allows hosts to select winners for their comment-to-enter type contest on Reddit. A quick summary is as follows:

  1. The contest host creates a thread on Reddit for the contest.
  2. Each participant submit a comment to that thread to enter the contest.
  3. When ready to pick a winner or group of winners, the contest host uses redditraffler to enter their raffle parameters, such as how many winners, minimum account age of the winners, and so on.
  4. The winners are selected randomly and the results will be displayed on redditraffler.

How do I know if the raffle was submitted to redditraffler by the contest host?

Users have the option to log in with their Reddit account to generate a raffle out of their own account's submissions. This makes the raffles "verified". To find out if a raffle is verified, look out for a badge Verified Raffle in the raffle results page!

How are winners selected?

Redditraffler allows contest hosts to filter participants by criteria (see below). During the selection process, the first user in the randomized list is selected and checked against the aforementioned criteria. If the user meets all the criteria, then they are added to the winners pool. The process is repeated for the following users in randomized list as needed.

Will raffle results ever be changed or removed?

Verified raffle results will never be altered in any way. Verified raffle results will be kept in our database, but unverified raffles can be removed when the author of the Reddit submission overwrites it with a verified raffle.

For Contest Hosts

What kind of contest can I use redditraffler for?

Redditraffler is suitable for "comment-to-enter" type contests, where every top-level comment is an entry to the contest. It is also limited to Reddit-based limitations i.e. any real-life restrictions, like minimum age, cannot be enforced by redditraffler.

What do I need in order to use redditraffler?

All you need is a Reddit account and a submission that will be used for your contest. The submission must be in a public subreddit.

What kind of criteria can I use to select winners?

Redditraffler currently supports the following criteria for selecting winning Reddit accounts:

  • Minimum Account Age
  • Minimum Comment Karma
  • Minimum Post Karma

How many winners can I have for each raffle?

Redditraffler currently supports a maximum of 25 winners.

Can I make any changes to my raffle after creating it?

Unfortunately not. We'd like participants to trust that redditraffler doesn't tamper with results in any way.

I made a mistake while setting up my raffle. Can you help me fix it?

As stated above, we won't be able to accommodate any requests to make changes to a raffle in any way, even if it was an honest mistake.

Somebody used my submission to create an unverified raffle. What can I do?

As the creator of that submission, you can ignore unverified raffles and generate results on redditraffler as if it were a new one, provided you log in with your Reddit account. The unverified raffle will be overwritten with the results of the new, verified raffle.