In A Nutshell

Inspired by a giveaway on /r/Overwatch and many other "comment-to-enter" contests on Reddit, redditraffler is a free service created to serve as an impartial platform that hosts can use to select winners for their contests. redditraffler will keep a record of the winners as well as the criteria used to select them.

redditraffler's job is straightforward: given a Reddit submission and a set of user-defined parameters, redditraffler will randomly select winners for contest hosts and save the results. These results will be available on redditraffler.com itself and can be viewed by anyone.

For an example of what a raffle results page would look like, have a look at this page.

Using redditraffler


In order to successfully generate results, redditraffler operates under the following assumptions...

Regarding your contest:

  • It is "comment-to-enter". Anyone who comments is considered an entrant.
  • It does not impose any real-life restrictions. For example, redditraffler will not be able to enforce rules like "only select winners who are above X years of age".

Regarding the Reddit submission for your contest:

  • The submission can be viewed by anyone.
  • The submission has enough entries (comments) to choose from.
  • Replies to comments are ignored.
  • Comments made by the submission's author are ignored.
  • Removed or banned comments are ignored.
  • Users who make multiple top-level comments are ignored.

Verified Raffles

You can use redditraffler as a guest, or you can log in with your Reddit account. Despite the options, we recommend that the author of the Reddit submission log in with their account. This way, redditraffler can verify that the raffle was created by the author of the submission (and presumably the creator of the contest). The raffle is then marked as verified so that participants can be assured that it was not a random person who generated the results.

Apart from removing content that violates our Terms of Service, redditraffler reserves the right to remove guest-created raffles without prior warning to allow the submission's author to generate a verified raffle. Verified raffles will never be edited or deleted.

Winner Selection

redditraffler currently supports selection of up to 25 winners with the following criteria:

  • Minimum account age
  • Minimum comment karma
  • Minimum post karma

As redditraffler grows, we will continue adding features to the site to improve user experience as well as to give hosts more control over their contests. If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you just want to say hello, you can contact us.


redditraffler is developed and maintained by /u/xozzo. You may contact him via:

redditraffler is a free service and it will always be free. However, there is overhead associated with keeping the website running. If you'd like to support the website, you can buy me a coffee. Any donations will be put into maintaining and improving the website. Thank you in advance! :)