In A Nutshell

Inspired by a giveaway on /r/Overwatch and many other "comment-to-enter" contests on Reddit, redditraffler is a free service created to serve as an impartial platform that hosts can use to select winners for their contests. redditraffler will keep a record of the winners as well as the criteria used to select them.

redditraffler's job is straightforward: given a Reddit submission and a set of user-defined parameters, redditraffler will randomly select winners for contest hosts and save the results. These results will be available on redditraffler.com itself and can be viewed by anyone.

For an example of what a raffle results page would look like, have a look at this page.

Need help with using the site? Check out our FAQ!

How it works

redditraffler retrieves your submission's top-level comments, along with their authors, in a random order.

With the user criteria that you'll specify, such as minimum comment karma, redditraffler will choose one or more winners for you based on how many you'd like.

The results of your raffle will be saved and be available to view for as long as this website is running. An example of what a raffle results page would look like can be found here.

Getting Started

The usage criteria for redditraffler is simple. You'll need a Reddit submission that is public and has valid comments. For an example of what a redditraffler-compatible submission would look like, see this /r/Overwatch giveaway.

Apart from that, all you'll need is a small set of requirements that entrants need to meet in order to be eligible as a winner for your contest.

For detailed information about the process, see our about page.


redditraffler is developed and maintained by /u/xozzo. You may contact him via:

redditraffler is a free service and it will always be free. However, there is overhead associated with keeping the website running. If you'd like to support the website, you can buy me a coffee. Any donations will be put into maintaining and improving the website. Thank you in advance! :)